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Candy Corn Hats

Back in the fall I realized that Littlest’s pumpkin hat (from when he was a baby!) was getting a might small. Time for a new hat! I did think about just making another pumpkin but decided since I had this … Continue reading

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Doll Clothes

My boys have two anatomically correct dolls. At a certain age (which the littlest is currently in) they loooooove them. There’s just something about toddlers wanting to take care of babies that is universally adorable, all gender issues aside. Practicing … Continue reading

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The lone xmas pressie

I haven’t done a lot of knitting for holiday gifts in the last few years. I gave myself permission a while back to not freak out and try to make things for everyone, but to pick a few key gifts, … Continue reading

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My friend Will asked if I could make some crocheted ewoks. Sure, I thought, why not? I can crochet. Well. I *thought* I could crochet. Turned out I had a lot to learn! Not only about crochet in general but … Continue reading

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A Christmas Stocking Story

Once upon a time there was a child who needed a Christmas stocking. Mama had knitted a stocking for Big Brother when Big Brother was just a baby, and now it was little one’s turn. Unfortunately for Mama, she did … Continue reading

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This may be obvious, but the blog is moving to WordPress. I apologize for any broken links! We used to host our own server but that became financially less appealing over time, so we’re moving everything to other services. Pictures … Continue reading

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Real Yarn

Oh look! It’s May! Apparently it’s time for another blog post 🙂 This time about spinning as I haven’t sewed squat since April. There’s also been some knitting happening, but that is lacking photos. However, I have been spinning on … Continue reading

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