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A Galaxy Background Card

Galaxy backgrounds are both super fun to make and incredibly nerve-wracking. They look a hot mess until suddenly, they don’t. Exhibit A: Pretty ugly, right? But then you add black, and a smattering of stars (in this case, white paint) … Continue reading

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7 years later!

The blog has been abandoned for a very long time! Craft-wise, I’ve shifted focus over the years. I still knit. These days, however, more often than not I am papercrafting. I have fallen in love with coloring stamped images, and … Continue reading

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Candy Corn Hats

Back in the fall I realized that Littlest’s pumpkin hat (from when he was a baby!) was getting a might small. Time for a new hat! I did think about just making another pumpkin but decided since I had this … Continue reading

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Doll Clothes

My boys have two anatomically correct dolls. At a certain age they loooooove them. There’s just something about toddlers wanting to take care of babies that is universally adorable. Unfortunately since the dolls don’t get played with a lot and … Continue reading

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The lone xmas pressie

I haven’t done a lot of knitting for holiday gifts in the last few years. I gave myself permission a while back to not freak out and try to make things for everyone, but to pick a few key gifts, … Continue reading

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My friend Will asked if I could make some crocheted ewoks. Sure, I thought, why not? I can crochet. Well. I *thought* I could crochet. Turned out I had a lot to learn! Not only about crochet in general but … Continue reading

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A Christmas Stocking Story

Once upon a time there was a child who needed a Christmas stocking. Mama had knitted a stocking for Big Brother when Big Brother was just a baby, and now it was little one’s turn. Unfortunately for Mama, she did … Continue reading

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