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My boys have two anatomically correct dolls. At a certain age (which the littlest is currently in) they loooooove them. There’s just something about toddlers wanting to take care of babies that is universally adorable, all gender issues aside. Practicing being Daddy is what I call it.

Unfortunately since the dolls don’t get played with a lot and it’s for a relatively short period of time, it sort of drives me crazy how much doll clothes are. There aren’t that many options for boy clothes, either. I’ve tried to make doll clothes before by winging it and, to be frank, they sucked. Sewing clothes is not my forte. The boys *like* changing the doll clothes but I can’t make myself spend as much as would be required. Therefore they just don’t have much.

The thing is, I really *want* to make doll clothes. Not only for their pretend play, but something about it seems so satisfying. And tiny! And tiny == cute, therefore I must figure it out. Eventually I stumbled on a Simplicity pattern with sizes from 12″ to 22″ dolls, and thought, you know, I should buy it and go from there. I am pretty good at altering patterns.. just not making them up from scratch, apparently.

My first opportunity (well, besides ignoring the needs of my own children of course) came this weekend when I decided to make some doll clothes for a little friend’s 6th birthday. This little girl loooooves her American Girl doll, and since this pattern has some 18″ doll clothes, I thought, why not? And staying true to my new years resolution, I even used stashed fabric! That I normally would have saved but since it had no intended purpose I decided not to be afraid to use it. Plus the black corduroy was someone else’s stash that they gave to me! Gave! For nothing in return! I should make them some doll clothes too.

I chose two dresses to make and voila, I love them! They took SO MUCH MORE TIME than I expected, but I do like them. I hope they fit the doll! As I don’t have one of my own it was a little hard to test the sizing!

Here they are:

I always forget how long it takes to cut out patterns. Oh. My. God. No wonder I prefer knitting. Sewing is far too exact for me. On the bright side, a friend shared the tip of using freezer paper for patterns and that works so much better than what I used to use! So that’s good. And this pattern is also nifty in that you can re-use a lot of the same pattern pieces for different garments, so a lot of the cutting out work is now done.

I actually did enjoy making them, although parts were tedious, as sewing always is. If I hadn’t tried to do two in one night I’d probably be a bit happier. But that’s what I get for not planning ahead I suppose!

So I really should make some boy clothes for my kiddos now, right? πŸ™‚

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  1. Sarah says:

    They are so cute! Worth the headache. πŸ™‚

    Although I agree knitting much better than sewing.

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