Christmas Crafts, the February Edition

I just figured out today that I neglected to post any of my christmas holiday crafts. Whoops. Better late than never?

Well, I guess it wasn’t a high priority because I didn’t actually do a lot. For the kiddos we decorated their dollhouse christmas trees. We made these last year but this year I decided they needed some ornaments. Cute, yes?

Then I also made a couple ornaments based on a blog entry I have since misplaced (eek, sorry!) and while I liked them, I wish they were a lot smaller. This entry advised not making them under 4″ and I have no idea why, I would much prefer then around the 2″ mark, I think. Anyway, we did these as part of our monthly child-friendly craft group. I planned six but made two. Hmm. Oh well, here they are:

(The wool bead garland was from last year and I liked it so much it stays up all the time!)

While there are many christmas-related things I have been meaning to make (tree skirt, more santa sacks), the only thing that was somewhat urgent was a stocking for the baby, I mean toddler. Last year we could get away with him not having his own stocking, but at almost two I figured this year he would notice.

I really didn’t want to knit one as  I wasn’t overly pleased with Boo’s, and it would take too long, so I got it in my head that I should use my newly acquired wet felting resist skills (courtesy of Spiderfelt classes!) and make a blue stocking with polar bears on them (inspiration from Chasing Fireflies catalog but the stocking is no longer listed so no linky). This turned into a project of ginormous proportions.

First I had to find the perfect color blue, which I was lucky enough to source from local Etsy shop Indigo Crane Fiber! When I did the math on how big I wanted to stocking to end up, the only water resistent item I had on hand that was large enough was a trash bag. This sucker was HUGE. And it looked like I was felting Cookie Monster.

I also wanted it somewhat sparkly, so Leah suggested sandwiching a sparkly layer between blue layers, which I did. I got this batt from Butterfly Girl Designs on Etsy, but had a helluva time getting out the black. Next time I’ll either make more time to place a custom order somewhere, or find a source for just the angelina myself! This is the middle layer — more blue went on top of this and then I began the wet felting process.

Anyway, it worked, for the most part. On one side you can see some of the black peeking through, but I think the appliques will hide it. Here’s the stocking after its initial wet felting, flipped over where you can see that ginormous trash bag resist.

And the whole thing layered and sopping wet. I didn’t have a piece of bubble wrap that was big enough either!

It took a total of four days to felt this to a level I was happy with. Here’s it’s clearly getting smaller, but still huuuuuuge! I think my toddler could have fit in it at this stage! By this point I had removed the resist and was felting it in stages on my glass washing board.

Believe it or not this was the final size. For some reason the foot was the right size but it was still too tall, so I just hacked off the top. If it were for me I probably would have just folded it over, but since it’s a kiddo and I had an appliqued design in mind, I just cut it.

That is actually the last photo I have because I didn’t get around to the applique — of course. I DID make the white felt for the appliques though, using the same method with sparkly white stuff in between. I usually get the urge to do christmas crafty stuff in the fall so I think I’ll just leave it til then 😉 Bean didn’t mind — christmas is totally overwhelming at his age no matter what. A plain blue stocking was totally fine.

In a way, though, I wish I had just sewn the stocking, either out of fabric or wool felt yardage, because this sucker is THICK. Luscious and lovely in every way, but nearly impossible to hang because it’s rather heavy. So hey, it may end up as an under the tree decoration. Or I may devote wall hooks to our stockings as I could also envision making one for Boo that’s red with snowmen on it. Ah well — I have a year to decide!

So there you have it. Random christmas posting in February!

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  1. Kristin says:

    Wow! Great stocking project! It turned out great! I also love the trees — I’ll have to do that with my girls next year!

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