Knitting in winter

One of the loveliest things about winter is how nice it is to knit with wool this time of year. Especially lovely, nice, soft wools like the ones I have in my happy little hands!

This first project, the Girasole blanket by Brooklyn Tweed, was started at a class January 3rd at Little Knits, and I’ve slowly been working on it ever since. The yarn is Arauncania Nature Wool which was half price, which is obviously a wonderful thing when you’re talking about 1800 yards of worsted weight wool!

At first it was super fast but now it’s definitely plodding along. I believe I’m halfway through chart D… and there are I think three more charts to go. Ugh. I don’t even know how many stitches are on the needles at the moment, but it’s a lot. There’s no point in saying “one more row” because that could easily be 20 minutes or so, depending on what else I’m doing at the time 🙂

On the bright side, this chart is a no-brainer and it’s a pleasure to sit and knit while watching something juicy like The Tudors.  Slowly but surely this will be done. I like the name “girasole” — I’ve been told that means “sunflower” in Spanish. I actually have this insane idea that this would make a lovely Christmas gift for some family members, but then I remind myself that KNITTING A BLANKET is in fact an insane idea and I really should never do it again. So we’ll see.  I don’t quite know what possessed me to think I could or even should knit a blanket. For one thing, we have plenty, and for another, it will take forever. I guess I just really like the look of them. Everyone needs a giant doily for their couch, right?

Ahem. Moving on!

So while working on a blanket, a sweater for Boo that needs the sleeves cut off and re-knit (he keeps growing!), socks that also need to be lengthened (see growing statement above!), a sweater for me that needs to be seamed, and who knows what else is lurking about in the UFO pile, I decided I needed something quick, pretty, and functional to make myself feel better. Since the babe needs a hat that covers his ears for our upcoming snow trip, I decided to work on that. He’s got a little head, right?

I decided on the Toasty Topper pattern from Knitty. The yarn is leftover Malabrigo — OMG the lushness!

I modified the pattern a bit since my gauge was smaller and I wasn’t sure about the scarf. I increased a couple more times than called for although frankly I wish I had done at least two more beyond that — it’s a smidge tight but hopefully blocking will take care of that? It won’t last more than this winter though for sure 😦 I’m not taking it out though!! Because of the gauge I did two sections of short rows, which worked fine. I only did 20 stitches for the “scarf” and added two buttonholes on the ends. I have buttons sewn on the outside of one section and the inside of the opposite so it stays buttoned.

The buttons are cute, and they work pretty well. The scarf buckles a bit under baby’s chin and I’m not entirely sure why. Too much fabric? Not stretched enough? Not enough space over the face? Oh well, it does work. The hat fits fabulously over the back of the head at any rate. I do really like the pattern, I just figured my kids would untie a scarf in a heartbeat.

In fact it’s cute enough that eldest now wants one of his own! Except he wants more of a balaclava style. I think I’ll just rejoin after the short rows for him and knit the ribbing down in a circle, maybe even with some decreases, although I spose it still has to fit over his noggin. I guess I’ll try it on him as we go!

Anyway.. the hat made me really happy. Finished quickly and now I feel like an accomplished knitter again!

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  1. Hien says:

    Ooh, what snow trip? Surely you don’t mean Kentucky.

  2. Liane says:

    Oh! I didn’t know that was the class you took!!! I’m taking the Girasole class too!!! Yours looks awesome. Super cute hat, too!

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