Halloween 2009

Well, this post is majorly late, but we did some cute, very preschooler-type crafts for Halloween this year and I wanted to document that. Better late than never!

First, Boo wanted to make some spiders, so we headed to the craft store for supplies, wherein I learned my boy is just as bad in a craft store as I am! That was a fun trip! So, the spiders:

These are, obviously, very, very simple to make. I twisted two chenille pipecleaners together for each of the legs and we glued on a big ole pompom with googly eyes for the head. Super fun, and these guys were ALL OVER the house! We even put glitter on some of them. Any excuse for glitter!

These were Boo’s versions made all by himself. One or two pipecleaners holding one pompom.  I was surprised how much even just THAT looked enough like spider!

Then we made these bats which were a project Boo did at preschool. He made one at school, came home and declared we had to make more. I wasn’t up for painting, so we covered our toilet paper rolls in felt. Worked just fine! Aren’t they great? Boo had his hanging upside with the wings wrapped around, which was cute. (But apparently I forgot to get a picture of. Oops!)

I got to have my first stab at making a Halloween costume this year too! Several months ago Boo requested a “caterpillar costume” as he’s a bit obsessed with caterpillars. Figuring that 1) we weren’t likely going to be able to find one of those and that 2) how hard could it be?, we set about making a costume. The same craft shop trip that procured the pompoms and pipcleaners produced the fabrics for this getup – he picked them out all by himself. He’s got an eye for the glam, no? This wasn’t initially Halloween related, but turned out to be finished just in time for said holiday!

It’s not obvious from the shot but I think the design is somewhat interesting. It’s basically a tube with a hood and a pocket for wings on the bag. The hood can be flipped up for “cocoon” mode as it covers Boo’s face. Then when he’s ready to be a butterfly he can reach back and grab the wings and pull them out. If I made any mistake on these it’s that the pocket on the back is too low. I think the wings would look better starting higher up. Well and then there are basic sewing errors like, oh, forgetting seam allowances for heming armholes and stuff like that. Whoops. No harm done though. Thankfully Boo loves his caterpillar costume!

(Incidently, the Bean’s costume was purchased because we didn’t already have one in that size, it was cheap, cute, and I couldn’t be arsed to come up with anything!)

Finally, the requisite pumpkins!

Best part of the pumpkins was Boo’s participation. I had him draw on his pumpkin with a dry erase marker (saw that tip on the internet — you can wipe it off!) and I thought he did an AWESOME job. We only had a tiny argument about why he couldn’t do the actual carving himself. His pumpkin is on the right, in case that’s not obvious 🙂

The funny thing about the kiddo being in school this year is that he’s suddenly WAY more into holiday stuff than ever before. I guess that’s a good thing as I usually need a swift kick in the ass to do much for the holidays. I’m generally a grinch. Halloween was really fun, though, and I’m already looking forward to next year!

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