Hand me down knits

We’re at our first official hand me down handknit! Witness the Robin Hood Jacket on two different children! The original:

And baby bro wearing the wool while camping this weekend:

It’s probably just me but I find this HILARIOUS! And happy. Very, very happy. Obviously they’re different sizes but since the Boo would only submit to wearing the sweater a couple times I decided to start in on the little guy early.

Course he’s already developing a flair for the dramatics, so we’ll see how long it lasts.

Incidently, I made one change to the sweater since I last talked about it, however many years ago that was. I crocheted along the back from shoulder to shoulder across the hood. It was way too stretchy and the top button wouldn’t stay buttoned. It’s much better now.

(Oh and yes, those are the same shoes too. I hang on to everything!)

ETA: Oops I realized that this isnt exactly true.. Bean has been wearing Boo’s soaker shorts for a while now. So this is the first hand me down sweater. So there.

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