Knitting again

Going through the latest Interweave Knits Fall 2009 and Knitscene magazines put a bee in my bonnet about knitting. This is a good thing since I missed doing it, but was entirely unmotivated due to feeling poorly. I still don’t feel great, but am doing better, so I’m back to knitting. Woo!

At first I was obsessing over the Alpaka Tunic from IK. (Incidently there are several patterns in there I love, like the Clasica Coat.) I think it’s adorable and would be a great maternity outfit. BUT the suggested yarn is a) hard to find, b) expensive, and c) too wooly as I’d want to wear this in the summer or just when I’m hot with the bun in the oven! Also it’s fairly unlikely I’d actually finish it before the baby was born. So that idea is on hold.

However along came the Heather Hoodie Vest from Knitscene, which gave me something else to obsess over! And fortunately I even have wool in my stash that works and I had no plans for. Woo! So I’m working on that:

Cute and functional, yes? See, I love my CPH, but I hardly wear it because it’s super wooly, which means super itchy, and I can only wear it over long sleeves. It’s pretty rare for me to need long sleeves AND a wooly sweater here in the winter, so for much of the year the sweater sits in the closet all lonely.

However, a short sleeve/vest sweater would be perfect! It will be much more versatile as I could put it over t-shirts or long sleeves. Also, I think my CPH is a smidge short so I can make this one longer. Yay! The yarn is Rowan Yorkshire Tweed, which is discontinued, but lovely nonetheless. Supposedly it’s Aran weight, but feels thicker to me. I’m modifying this pattern a little, but I’m sure I’ll write about those details later.

Now, I have two other projects I’m working on intermittently. These are some socks for Boo from yarn he picked out in Atlanta, gosh, two years ago? Three? Thought it was time to make them. The reason they aren’t done (because kid socks go pretty quickly) is that they are actually too small and I need to rip them out and make them a little bigger. I haven’t felt like it though, thus they sit. The yarn is Arauncania.

This is yet another Child’s Placket Neck Pullover from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. And yet more yarn from the stash! Go me. This sweater is for the Boo and uses, appropriately, yarn called Baby Boo, which was a sweet gift from my MIL because of the yarn’s name. It’s bamboo (unsurprisingly) and is lovely and soft. It’s slightly thinner than the recommended gauge so I’m actually knitting the 6 year old size for my nearly 5 year old, hoping it will fall somewhere in between. It’s looking a big large (the cuffs for the arms, not pictured as I only just started them, fit me. Hmm!) but oh well. Kids grow into things, right?

I’m also seaming up my kimono Tulips cardigan which may need to be lengthened, but that’s okay. I’ll use any spare yarn for that and that’ll be fine. That way I’ll use up every last morsel of yarn, which is pretty cool. I haven’t done much seaming because a) I’ve been obsessing over the hoodie vest and b) it takes a fair amount of time to sit and concentrate and my headaches haven’t been cooperating in that department. But I hope to finish it soon. It’s looking good.

I think that’s it for knitting at the moment! I have many more sewing projects in mind than knitting, but haven’t been sewing hardly at all. I’m not being terribly productive right now, but growing a baby takes a lot of energy!  Oh well. All in good time.

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