Random post about felt balls

I started these felt balls waaaay back before Christmas for the Bean. I thought a color scheme of primary colored balls with their secondary counterparts wrapping around them sounded like a good idea.

They’re actually still not completely done. You can’t really tell from the picture (or, hey, maybe you can!) but the stripe part isn’t secured very well. It’s just needle felted on and while I intended to wet felt them again to get that stripe more flush with the ball itself, eh….. it hasn’t happened yet! Maybe they’ll finish felting through use. Who knows.

I can’t remember when I even got them to this point. May? June? Something like that! The colors aren’t entirely ideal either, but it’s what I had on hand. The yellow is alpaca r0ving and can I just say it’s rather a pain to felt? Probably would have been better to save for spinning. Oh well!

The Bean likes them well enough, but then he loves pretty much all balls. I think felt balls are a fantastic gift for 1 year olds though (and younger or older, for that matter). Good fun 🙂

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    They look done to me!

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