A Kitty for Baby

Boo wanted to make a Pointy Kitty for Baby’s birthday. We got as far as picking out fabric, cutting out the pieces and sewing the head before the birthday came and went and the kitty sat on the back burner.

I did, eventually, get it finished! Here it is:

With big bro’s kitty too, of course. I apologize for the crappy photos. Kitty was too busy being played with to have a proper photo shoot. That and for some reason everything is overexposed. Oh well.

This is probably my, what, sixth kitty? You’d think the pattern would get easier, but really, it doesn’t. I just know which parts take the longest now. I still suck at sewing on the head and I still haven’t figured out how to make the butt not quite so long.

Boo insisted Baby’s kitty have a heart just like his. I wasn’t going to do that because the reason Boo’s kitty has a heart was because it was a valentine’s pressie. But if the lad wants a heart, he gets a heart! Isn’t that sweet?

(Finally kitty gets some peace!)

One thing I dislike about this kitty is that I keep forgetting that white background fabric doesn’t generally work as the eye shapes don’t show up as well. Dark fabrics are better. Maybe next time I’ll remember! At least the polka dots are cute!

This last picture cracks me up. Kitty on the prowl! This is what most of the pictures look like. At least the kids were having fun 🙂

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