Upcoming Crafts

I was talking to Liane briefly on Facebook the other day, and she had just asked the question: “What are you going to do after you finish the quilt?” when her baby woke up, as babies do.I thought it would make a good blog post, more to organize myself than anything else, so Liane, here’s your answer!Sewing:

  • Pointy Kitty for the Bean. Late birthday present, but oh well. He doesn’t care. 
  • Puzzle Ball, also for the Bean, also as a birthday present. I really want to make him one and I better do it before he outgrows it!
  • Mailbag (Pink Chalk Fabrics pattern) as an early Christmas gift. I have a really cool idea for this but sometimes the intended gift recipient checks my blog so I can’t post about it until after Christmas. Torture!!!
  • Notetaker (another PCF pattern) for me, and if it goes well, more as gifts. I am constantly losing my notebooks where I make lists so I’m hoping it I make one with pretty fabric I’ll be able to find it easier. Who knows if that will work but it’s a good excuse, yes?
  • Flannel PJs for the boys out of this adorable spaceman flannel fabric I have. Possibly more trousers for the baby too out of old t-shirts and other random materials.
  • Sewing machine cover, because it is tired of having fabric draped over it.
  • Quilt for the Boo. Can’t decide if this should be twin sized or lap sized, but it will be simple, that I can promise you.
  • Doll quilts. I have two doll quilts in mind, mostly because I want to practice quilting and I love charm packs! One will be a disappearing nine block, not sure about the other one.
  • Pin cushion from LMQPG (Apparently I cannot type “pin” without typing “pink”)
  • Backpack for the Boo out of this cool Kokka train fabric I got except I didn’t realize it was upholstery weight so I couldn’t use it for its intended purpose. Oops! Should make a great bag though. I intend to make it big enough to carry paper and books.
  • I’m sure there’s more but that’s all I can think of at the moment…


  • Finish my socks that have officially taken longer than a year. Geez!
  • Wool shorties and/or longies for the baby.
  • Finish my kimono cardigan from last year!
  • Sweater for the Boo.
  • Another sweater for the Bean.
  • More small socks for the holiday advent calendar.
  • A whole list of possible Christmas gifts including more mittens and socks for the fam.
  • Gosh.. I’m shocked the sewing list is longer. Obviously I’m forgetting something.

Other Crafts:

  • Make lots of cards. Sympathy cards, birthday cards, holiday cards, etc. I have exhausted my stockpile and need more!
  • Make stitch markers out of old earrings I never wear.
  • Puppets and puppet theatre — haven’t decided whether this will be sewing, knitting, paper, or combination thereof!

Well, that should keep me busy, no? And that’s not even all. I’m cursed. 

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