Early Christmas Knitting

I finished a Christmas present! Woo. These are for my aunt who didn’t get mittens last year:

I had a hard time finding a pattern for this aunt. I was originally thinking colorwork, like the mittens for my mom and other aunt, but everything was just not her. My Aunt Shirley is beautiful and slight,  with a penchant for the simple life.   So many patterns were too overwhelming — I can’t giver her things that are too fancy because they’ll be put away so as not to harm them! It finally dawned on me I should do something more straightforward, like cables, and she’ll be more likely to wear them. Then this pattern came out! It was meant to be.

Pattern: Merion Mitts
Yarn: Nashua Superwash (decent stuff!) — lots less than 1 skein.
Needles: Size 5

Not a whole lot to say about these. They went very quickly, helped by the fact they’re size small — too small for my hands! Not brainless knitting as I kept referring to the chart almost the entire time, and yes there are some errors, but overall I think they’re very pretty. Much prettier in person, in fact.

Moss stitch kind of drives me crazy, but it’s not so bad in mitten form. I think the construction is unique that the moss stitch pulls down vertically and was used as a design feature. I like the twisted stitches too.

Only one part caught me off guard, which is when the pattern says to continue in pattern until you reach one inch before the end of the hand. When I first read that I thought it meant the length of your actual hand, and of course I had a mini-heart attack because I wasn’t making these for me and had no idea the actual length of my aunt’s hands! So I emailed the pattern author who politely reminded me that the pattern states 7″ for the size small. So I needed to stop at 6″. Oops. I’m an idiot.

Other than that these were a breeze and I like them a lot! I hope my aunt likes them too. Also? Christmas pressie done in March. AWESOME.

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