Goodbye knitting, hello productivity!

The baby stuff is done, it’s time to pack up the knitting for a little while. Time to get some other things done!

Here’s a sampling, in somewhat prioritized order, of what I hope to accomplish in the coming weeks:

  • Darn husband’s socks! Poor guy has been waiting for weeks.
  • Finish the baby quilt before baby’s birthday. Sheesh.
  • Put together Boo’s Easter basket — cupcake theme this year, for my little chef.
  • Present for Baby’s birthday!
  • Catch up on kid’s photo albums!
  • Finish organizing craft room! (Actually this is high priority for while the boy’s are gone.)
  • Make birthday, sympathy and easter cards.
  • Prioritize “fix it” sewing pile, including H’s trousers and green sparkly bag.
  • Prioritize other sewing/crafting projects
  • READ! I have a huge list of books that I really want to read, starting with this month’s API Bookclub selection: Sleepless in America.
  • Make a draft dodger for basement door — needed badly!
  • Make a sewing machine cover
  • Make wet bags — both for diaper bag and for bathroom can
  • Boo’s curtains and liners
  • Turn maroon pullover fleece into cardigan
  • Maternity flannel blanket (made from maternity shirts and baby blankets)
  • Also: work on bike!

I’m sure there’s more, but this seems like a good place to start. When I get to a point where I’m happy and feel like knitting again, I have two projects planned. Mittens for Aunt #2 for Christmas, and a Shetland Triangle scarf for myself. YUM!

I’m actually excited about all this. Doesn’t take much, does it?

** Incidently not all knitting is done. I still have socks in the car and advent socks that I’m making every month. But long term projects like that don’t count, right? 😀

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