Baby sweater babble

All of this thinking about what baby sweater pattern to knit next has made me realize I have certain rules for myself that I never even realized! So I thought it would be fun to write them out here. Well, it will be fun for me, at any rate 🙂

First of all, let’s elucidate that I’m planning on knitting a sweater for my cousin’s baby boy due in March. Yes I have my own babies to knit for, but I can hardly resist knitted gifts!

So, for newborns, apparently I have the following rules that I didn’t even know I had:

  1. No hoods.
  2. Must be cardigans.

No hoods because I think if you’re laying down all the time, as babies do, that must be uncomfortable. (Incidently, ditto for buttons at the back, which I’ve seen on clothes but not knitting patterns.) Must be cardigans because I hate pulling clothes over floppy baby heads. Much easier to stuff their limbs in something lying down. My kids live in those footie pajama things until they can hold up their own heads and preferably sit!

I mention this because I really want to knit this pattern: Duck Soup. I think it’s adorable and I want to make them for my boys very, very badly. However. I don’t think it will work for a newborn. (Hoods are okay when they get older because 1) they’re cute, 2) they can’t take them off like hats.)

My original plan was to use the same colors from my Fiddlehead Mittens in Swish DK (a washable wool) for a stripey Baby Surprise Jacket. Tried and true, right?

However.. I’m sort of itching to try something new. I’ve not knit a kimono before, and the Harvey Kimono caught my eye. I could do each section a different color. That could be cute, right? Hmm. I’ve queued seamless kimonos before but in this case I’d want to seam it all up.

I love the layette that Liane suggested in the comments of my last post (which funnily enough was already in my queue, I had just forgotten about it), but I don’t think that will work with the yarn I was hoping to use. Also, I would be compelled to do the whole layette and I don’t know that I have time for that.

Other patterns that I’ve been dying to knit, besides the duck sweater, include A Cardigan for Merry and the Tomten but they both have hoods and are probably better suited for older kids. There’s also Rowan Sport, which is cute (free on their website but I wanted to link to a picture). I’ve done the EZ February Baby Sweater before, otherwise it would be a top contender. Suppose it could still be done, perhaps stripey?

I just don’t know! Argh. I’ll probably end up doing the baby surprise jacket because I’ll run out of time, and I already know it’s not only cute, but practical. Still….

On the other hand, boy have I got to find time to make my boys some sweaters!

ETA: And in true Carrie form, I’ve cast on for none of the above! I ended up going with the Ribbed Baby Jacket by Debbie Bliss, free online here. I have a suitable yarn, in a great color, it’s simple, and hopefully quick. We’ll see how it goes!

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2 Responses to Baby sweater babble

  1. Hien says:

    My vote is for the kimono. It’s adorable, and I’ve never seen a knitted one before.

  2. Patty (Megan's aunt) says:

    So glad to hear you are ever so up to your eyeballs with your knitting and crafts. I remember in a previous blog you saying something silly about not doing as many crafts this year???? You’re the type of person that has a zillion things in the works and deep down really likes it that way. Me too. Can’t wait to meet you when I visit the area this summer.

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