In consideration of time

Do you ever think there just isn’t enough time in the world? And is it Time’s fault, or mine for being too excited about, oh, everything?

I’m thinking about scaling back my crafting. I know, it’s sacrilege, but hear me out.

The thing is there’s just not enough time. I get high blood pressure just thinking about everything I want to do and wondering how to cram it all in. And I don’t want to cram. I want to enjoy myself. Isn’t that the point of a hobby?

There’s so many other things I want to do. I have stacks of books waiting to be read. H and I played chess the other day (er, week?) and it was fun. And I almost won! I want to do some of those linear thinking games/puzzles and suduko and other things that might make me dust off my brain cells a bit. Nevermind some of the simple things like just talking. And then, of course, there’s the ever present cleaning. Not to mention the meal planning I always say I want to do but don’t, the evening yoga I’d like to get back in the habit of doing, plus planning in general. Putting together projects for the next day to do with the kids, internet research on a variety of things, etc etc. So much to do. So little time.

So… I’m considering scaling back my crafting. Not stopping, obviously, because that’s not only not possible but also undesirable, but scaling back. I finished and gifted the last of my christmas gifts (late, obviously — must post about those!) so now what stretches before me are… Options.

Spring is a busy time around here. Most of my family inexplicably have birthdays in the spring. There’s also Valentines and Easter. But while I have ideas for gifts for my mom and mother-in-law (both willing recipients of my handiwork), even those I might save for later. I just need to cut back. I still have an awful lot going on without adding new projects — binding the baby quilt (thanks Liane for the tutorial!), mittens for the Boo (first ones were too small!), a baby project or two by the spring, not to mention post christmas I like to make something for myself. And you should see my stack of stuff to fix!

So… I just think I need to cut back. But I’m not quite sure how to do this. By the end of the day I am so ready to just sit down on the couch with some tea and some knitting. Way back when I used to have a weekly calendar of which night would be devoted to what, so I might institute that again. I’m not sure.

Or, I could just invent a time machine. That would work too.

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One Response to In consideration of time

  1. Jenn says:

    I vote for the time machine. 😉

    I was starting to wonder where you went!

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