Crafty Resolutions 2009

Sure, exercising and getting organized will take some time, but I simply cannot be myself without projects to occupy my hands. I could be stuck on a desert island and I’d probably weave something out of palm fronds and spin yarn out of coconut fibers. Besides, I have a craft room full of possibility! It shall not be ignored.

Right now I have the following things going on:
(This list does not include hibernating items nor projects with the kids.)

  • Finish gift for Aunt #1 — deadline mid Jan.
  • Finish gift for Aunt #2 — deadline March
  • Finish baby quilt (only the binding left —  but it’s confusing me)
  • Finish mittens for Boo
  • Hat for new baby cousin
  • Perpetual sock project — would like to finish these before Bean’s bday so it doesn’t take me more than a year to finish flippin’ socks!
  • Baby things for Rachel — deadline March

One of my goals for 2009 is a continuation of an idea from 2008. Last year I joined the Year-long Gift Along (Ravelry link for those interested), which is a group of people basically cheering each other on to work on holiday knitting throughout the year so as to not stress out during the holiday season. Although I completely crapped out about half way through the year, I did benefit hugely at Christmas. Four people were given gifts that wouldn’t have materialized had I waited until October or November to begin. This is good. I blame the new house and the baby. These seem like good excuses to me 🙂

This year, however, I have no such excuses. Therefore one of my goals is to develop a handmade gift plan and work on it throughout the year. I don’t have too many gifts in mind yet, which is a bit of a problem, but that’s okay. I’m sure they’ll come with time. The immediate plan is to resurrect my baby sock advent calendar and to continue work on that. I got 6 socks finished so that leaves 18 socks left to finish. If I do two a month and don’t have another baby or buy another house, I think it can be done. Wish me luck 😉 I’ll be documenting all this on Ravelry although I’m sure bits and bobs will show up here as well.

Other goals.. well, it’s a long list. I need to find a better way to manage and organize it. Here are a few though that I hope to accomplish this year:

  • Organize my craft room. This means shelves and various containers. (2009 — year of organization?)
  • Quilt for Boo. (Twin size or lap size?)
  • Organize holiday gifting.
  • Sweater and socks for H (He has really earned some handknits!)
  • Stocking and santa sack for Baby
  • Baby sock advent calendar (For family, not to be confused with being for the actual baby!)
  • New sweater for Boo
  • More knits for baby because they are fun! — Shorts? Wool longies? Pirate sweater?
  • Set aside sewing time every week to work on pile of things to be fixed. Includes trousers that need patching, bags that need finishing, socks that need mending, etc.
  • Find way to keep prioritized craft project lists!

There are also a bajillion things I’d like to find time to make/explore — rag rugs, weaving, and spinning come immediately to mind. But I know better than to bite off more than I can chew. The list above will probably do me in as it is!

So there you go. I don’t feel like it’s much of a list, but I also know it will keep me very, very busy. And I also know that’s just life right now. When Baby gets to be Boo’s age I will be much more productive.. but then of course I’ll probably be working again. But, as they say, a life worth living takes hard work. When it’s something I love, I don’t mind hard work at all.

Which projects do I care the most about? Let’s say that by year’s end I hope to have Boo’s quilt, the advent calendar, stocking and sack for Baby, and something done for H. Throw in some holiday gifts and I’ll call it a successful year. Bring on 2009!

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