Felt garland and teapot cozies

I had the idea last year to string the crappy remnants of a batch of felt balls into a garland. I didn’t get around to it then, but miraculously managed it this year:

I like it! Don’t look at them too closely, most of the balls are really brainy and half falling apart, but that’s okay. They’re leftovers. Nice to make something happy from them. Plus I suddenly love our chandelier.

Next up is my prototype for a teapot cozy.

I started with the basic pattern in Bend the Rules Sewing, but it was way too small for my Fiestaware teapot. So I kept making samples out of pattern paper until I had something that fit better. The idea of the bird is from the Warm Fuzzies book. These are my two favorite books to leaf through at the moment, obviously šŸ™‚

Both of these use felted sweaters for the body of the cozy. The blue one is going to be mine, as the bird totally matches my teapot! Unnecessary, but you can’t pass up happy when it hits you on the head. The bird parts are sweaters too. The branch, however, is 100% wool felt I purchased by the yard online last year for another project that got aborted. It was expensive, and now I know why. Holy moly is it NICE. Just cutting it made my hands giddy. I could wrap myself up in this stuff, it is so soft.

Anyway. I am planning to applique these pieces on, embroider a few snowflakes (Hello embroidery books I got for Christmas! Yay!) and call it good.

I think they’re cute. The white one is for my aunt. It was supposed to be for Christmas but I didn’t manage to finish it. Good thing too, because my mom sort of forgot we were doing a joint gift (mom – teapot, me – cozy) and got my aunt something else! So it can be saved for another occasion. For the same aunt. Don’t worry, I’m not pawning it off on one of you! Incidently my aunt doesn’t even own a computer so I’m taking liberties writing about all of this.

You might wonder why I’m even bothering — why do you need a teapot cozy anyway? I thought the same thing until I got cold a few weeks back and made a whole pot o’ tea. And you know what? Stinkin’ thing got cold before I could finish it. And I can put back some tea. So I’m looking forward to using my teapot cozy. Once I finish the present for my other aunt. Ay yi yi! Handmade christmases are tough with little ones around!

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