Two things done!

I’ve actually finished some things recently.

Just the other day while the baby was miraculously sleeping and the eldest was playing an alphabet computer game (makes me feel better than star wars, you see), I managed to finish another Christmas pressie! Hurrah!

Incidently, the Koolhaas Hat pattern from Interweave Knits Holiday 2007 is awesome! (This is my most used magazine to date.) As is Malabrigo. I’m a little worried it’ll be too snug, but I can always redo it if it is.

In other areas, I finished a handmade birthday present for one of the Boo’s little friends. I forgot to take a picture (of course), but I plan on making another one. It was a nest based on Leah’s tutorial (except I started by needle felting), some little blue eggs (also needle felted, then wet felted), and a robin using recycled felted sweaters and the bird pattern from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts.

I was quite pleased with the set and the Boo liked it too, especially the bird and the little eggs. It was a good test for my recently felted sweaters as I wasn’t sure I was felting them enough. Verdict: They’re fine, don’t unravel when cut, sew up just fine on my machine, and feel marvelous.

As usual, I was really happy making this little gift! I have no idea if the little girl liked it or not though — she was really overwhelmed with the gift giving at her party. Actually I’ve never seen kids so anxious to have gifts opened for someone else. While it was hectic, it was also nice to see little kids getting pleasure from gift giving!

Anyway.. it’s definitely the season for holiday knitting, and I have much planned, of course. Probably too much. Next up, though, is a sweater for the baby. He needs one! And I serendipitiously found both yarn and pattern that will work together in my stash. Hurrah for that! Discovered tonight that the yarn is also superwash. Bonus since it’s for a baby 🙂

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