Ferget it!

My poor, poor cardigan. I’m hibernating it. (Bet you didn’t know that could be a verb!)

The neckline, well, it’s fine, but the whole thing is a bit short. Which in and of itself is okay, I have no problem making it longer (plus I think the fabric will grow). It’s just that to do that I’ll need to rip back the neckline and recalculate, which is better anyway so it will have more gradual decreases, but still.  I’ll also have to rip back the shoulders on the back to make it longer to match and then re-knit those as well. There’s also the possibility that making it longer will throw that bust dart off and I’ll have to rip back to that point and re-knit. All of this is fine; I’m simply disinclined to put in such work right now when 1) it’s almost winter and 2) I have Christmas knitting to get to.

So, it’s hibernating. I’m going to tuck it into a little plastic bag and put it away to be pulled out next year to finish for the summer. Really! That’s the plan anyway.

In all other respects it’s going quite well. Love the drapey, silky bamboo fabric, love the color, the sleeves are already blocked and beautiful with the lace pattern, I do think it will be a great sweater.

Just not today. Today it goes away.

I love being assertive with my knitting 🙂

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2 Responses to Ferget it!

  1. Megan says:

    Learn my from experience of UFOs-write down all the details so you can come back to it!

  2. Carrie says:

    Good point. Actually I re-counted and looks like the fronts are around 15 rows shorter than the back. I’m also very nearly out of yarn. SO what I think I need to do is rip back the fronts to the top of the bust darts (SO not re-doing those), re-calculate the decreases for the neckline from there for the amount of rows I need to match the back, then re-knit the decreases and shoulders. Do a three-needle bindoff on the shoulders, seam the whole thing, then if there’s enough yarn left over I’ll do some more garter stitch at the bottom. Phew!

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