Who needs a neckline?

Today it occured to me that I’m happily (albeit slowly) knitting away at the fronts for a cardigan, I’m past the armholes, and I, as yet, have not started on the neckline.


I’m pretty sure the pattern had the neckline starting below where I’m at. Dammit!

So I double check, and indeed, I’m way past starting the neckline. That pesky “at the same time” business tricked me again! Doesn’t help that I: 1) am not following the pattern at all by this point, 2) didn’t do the eyelets so have no idea where to measure from, and 3) did bust darts, which will work great for creating room but suck for measuring fronts.

I’m hoping all is not lost. I don’t need it to be a deep v-neck — the pattern has the neck starting below the bustline, sort of empire waist area. I can do higher.  I really, really, don’t want to rip back, so I did some math (shock, horror!) and I think I can decrease really quickly and it’ll still be okay. I hope.

Ay yi yi. I’m sort of resigned to the idea of finishing the fronts and if the neckline sucks I’ll just have to rip back and re-knit and that’s all there is to it.

But won’t it be nice if it works out? Yes. Yes it will.

And then I’ll have a summer cardigan completed for the winter. Might as well, since I finished my last winter cardigan in July. At least I’m consistent!

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