One Year Later

Check out what my little… er eldest… boy put on the other day:

I made that vest almost exactly a year ago. And he hadn’t touched it since.

I have to admit to having been a bit miffed. Okay, so it’s not like he asked me to make him a vest, or that he had any input in choosing the pattern or colors, so it was all down to me and I shouldn’t have been surprised. Except that he seemed really excited about it while I was making it, so I sort of expected him to wear it at least a little. But no. No vest for him.

Until the other day when he saw it hanging in the closet and insisted he must wear it right then and there. I thought it would probably be too small, but it’s okay. It’s a little short, but not too bad. The yarn (Rowan Handknit Cotton) feels soooo nice!

He also did the same thing a few days before that, with a sweater my mom made for him. Again, fit fine except for being slightly too short. I guess kids just grow up for a while?

Anyway! Handknits in action. I love that little vest actually, it’s really cute! The only thing I don’t like, should I ever make this again, which I seriously doubt since weaving in those ends was a huge PITA, but still, should I ever do it again, pick up less stitches around the armholes. He looks a bit like he’s going to take off!

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  1. tania says:

    That vest is darling! But yes, weaving in those ends…argh! I still have a front of a vest that I never finished just b/c of that. I really dislike weaving in the ends!!

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