Bibs for all that drool!

We’re at that stage where the baby drools constantly and gnaws on his hands incessantly. He also seems to love pulling up on his clothes and chewing on those, so I thought perhaps some bibs were in order. Maybe something colorful with some texture to it, to really grind those gums into. YUM.

These are great for two reasons. 1) They’re really cute. Dontcha think? 2) The cotton yarns are leftovers that Liane was getting rid of, and that’s always a good thing! Oh and 3) They were really quick. That’s a bonus, these days!

There’s no pattern for these. The square one is evidently a Mason Dixon pattern but I don’t have the book and really, how hard could it be? Garter square with something to go around the neck. CHECK! These are 28 stitches across.

The other one I decided to curve it a little but the gauge was really a bit too big to curve nicely at the top, so the square one looks better. But oh well. It will still catch drool so I don’t care. Incidently that’s two different yarns changed every two rows. Love how that turned out 🙂

OH and I did something clever. The Boo outgrew his bibs pretty quickly so I made these adjustable in that there are two buttons and two (or three) buttonholes so that there can be a variety of sizes. I think they will work just fine.

This is a pattern from One Skein. I think it’s cute, but to be honest it was a ridiculous amount of work for a bib. And tying the i-corn will probably be annoying so I’m not going to make any more of these any time soon. Plus I had a hard time getting the short row count right. It was probably just me, but everything seemed to be off even though I corrected every single time. The ends also curl up something fierce. But considering it’s a bib that might be a good thing 🙂

This one uses leftovers too. I ran out of the colored one but I think the brown looks nice, so there you go. We can discuss putting pink flower bibs on boys at a later date!

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