Ceramics: The World

Well, this picture couldn’t be any shittier, but there you have it. It’s the world.

I would be talking about the orange thingy in the background and not the ocarinas. I love ocarinas. Can you tell? I did not make the ocarinas by the way, although I would like to know how.

Anyway. This pot is two bowls put together and then decorated. I think the clay is terracotta, thus the orange, but I’m not entirely sure. I don’t think it’s glazed orange. The bottom (where you can’t see) has waves for water, obviously, the middle section has mountains, and the top has, you guessed it, clouds! I’m so clever.

I think I got the idea for the clouds and then the world because you have to poke a hole in the thing somewhere else it will explode upon firing. The hole for this pot is at the very top so I squished some clay up there and poked a hole in it, then vaguely thought, hey, that looks like a cloud. Go figure.

H thinks this does not look like the world at all, but I really like it nonetheless. I never claimed to live in reality.

Incidently, this is the last of the ceramics pictures for now. There are more out there — my favorite teapot (the poisonous lead-laden one) is boxed up somewhere so no pics of that, my other favorite one (a coil teapot, it was so cool!) got sold in a yard sale (what the hell was I thinking? On the other hand, someone bought my art!), and there’s for sure a few pots in actual use holding pencils and things like that. I hope to get more pictures… umm.. one of these days! I wouldn’t hold your breath šŸ™‚

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