Sharp Tooth!

So the other day (er, other week at this point), my boy and I were doing some stamping in the craft room when for some reason he declared we needed to make a dinosaur. He pulled some green fabric from my stash and said we should use this.

I was rather taken aback. My first instinct was to say something like, “Well, we’ll have to find a pattern first so we’ll do it later.” BUT I also realized I had a golden opportunity here — my boy likes to sew. He wanted to sew. He wanted me to sew something for him. I should LEAP on this opporunity with great haste!

So I took a deep breath and said, okay, let’s make a dinosaur. First step was to decide what kind of dinosaur. Sharp tooth (aka T. Rex). Of course, the one that would be hardest to make stand up!

I drew up a dinosaur, while the lad was ready to get to the pinning! I talked about the process, how you have a pattern, then you cut it out, then you pin it, then you sew it, etc. etc. So I cut it out of paper trying to figure out how to make it 3D, and set about cutting the fabric, with the lad’s help. We pinned it (he really likes those pins! I really need one of those magnet pin keepers!) and set about sewing, then stuffing, then hand sewing to finish it off. (Okay, the hand sewing came the next day to get those pesky three points together.)

And here it is:

Fortunately the lad LOVES it! Go me.

As you can see, it needs a little help. We’ll call this the first iteration. I swear the tail did not point down when I drew it, nor did the arms look so funky or the chest point out quite so much, nor were the feet intended to be touching. I definitely have something to work from now though, and he is awfully cute, even in his awkward state!

I am rather proud of myself, actually, and I love making stuff with the boy!

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2 Responses to Sharp Tooth!

  1. Liane says:

    It’s so cute! It really looks like a t-rex too. How did you do that? And look at the little one in the sling!! What kind of sling is that? I saw these kid size hello kitty sewing machines at the store and I almost got one, it was so adorable. Looks like you have a sew-er in training at your house. 🙂

  2. Leah Adams says:

    He looks fantastic Carrie! 3d forms are really hard. I give you much applause.

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