Booties in the wild

I’m quickly realizing that my previous method of posting — i.e. saving up bits and pieces until a coherent post can be published — is not working right now. It can literally be weeks before I find time to put together all of my pieces!

Therefore posts are going to be piecemeal. For example, I wanted to do a post with the baby wearing all of the previously posted baby items (which I cannot be arsed to link to right now, yet another change probably). However, that’s taking a long time to put together for some reason, so here’s the photos I have right now. Booties in the wild!

Good thing he’s wearing them now because they won’t last for long! Look how fitted they are! Very cute elfin toes too, I might add.

In other news, the hat is still too big while the sweater fits just right. Better get a photo of that sweater quick, right?

So yet more things to add to my knitting queue — yet another sweater for the Bean (another BSJ? Or something different?) and more booties. Sheesh. It never ends!

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One Response to Booties in the wild

  1. sarah says:

    Awww how cute! I wish I was an avid knitter when mine were babies.

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