Kiddy Crafts

As Leah noted, I might collect a lot of internet links for craft ideas for kids. I’m bookmark happy. And my bookmarks are a MESS!

I haven’t previously posted a lot of them here because, well, nothing I’m posting about is original. I figured most of the stuff I see everyone else sees too. It’s not like I have found some gem of an idea out there that no one knows about. I’m no Not Martha. (I have to be prepared to check her new entries, I always open at least 10 new tabs. Not kid-related though.)

So after some thought, I decided what the hey. It’s my blog. So what if you already saw it? I want to save this stuff for me too. For the day my child finally acquiesces to having an attention span beyond a goldfish and admits that yarn is the coolest possible invention on the face of the earth. Right?


So this is my first posting about some kid-oriented crafts I want to do. Some are things to do with kids, and some are things I would make for kids. I may be doing them with myself or with other people’s children, but that’s okay. As long as there are trains in the next room we’ll all be fine!

Wool Felt Crowns — There are many variations on this theme, including knitted then fulled and sewn fabric. I hadn’t seen this particular idea before though. I love that they’re adjustable and more amenable to decoration somehow.

Less expensive wooden letters — great for decorating and cheaper than Pottery Barn!

Star Wars kids crafts — although these might be more for the hubby than the kid 😉

Bubble Head Magnets — really, the possiblities are endless with this one.

Homemade paper — I think the kiddo would have more fun playing in the goop than the actual paper making process, but then, it’s all about the process with kids, right? 😉 (Another take on this idea here. And here. Apparently I bookmarked a lot of these paper tutorials.

Making a felt mobile — I so want to make a solar system using this method.

Fishing Game — I’ve been meaning to make one of these for ages. There’s a huge variety of ideas out there on the internet for different styles of fish and reels.

Felt board/book — I’ve been meaning to make one of these for ages as well! I particularly love the idea as a quiet or travel book. Also, the idea of putting the felt board in a frame so you can change the picture around!

Tiny Terrariums — I really want to make a terrarium with the lad. Although ours will be bigger than this. But isn’t it cute?!

Watercolor flowers — so THIS is what I should be doing with all these watercolor paintings I’ve been collecting!

Pollack Painting — I very much want to do this. And then give them to everyone for Christmas.

Nature prints from Sculpey — Aside from just being beautiful themselves, I read somewhere else (eek I can’t find the link!) where they make great stamps for playdough. Gotta love that!

Alright, that’s enough for installment one. These were gleaned from a massive and unorganized list, that I definitely need to organize. I’m sure more will come at some point — I bookmark things almost on a daily basis!

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2 Responses to Kiddy Crafts

  1. Leah Adams says:

    Great roundup Carrie! A hint on the felt board – Owen’s preschool had a similar tool they used a lot for story time. The background was made out of interfacing, not felt. The cutouts were acrylic felt. Something about the combination of two synthetic materials worked really well. My mother made one for me using a combination of fleece and acrylic felt. It was lovely, but the pieces didn’t stick at all.

  2. amy says:

    thanks sweets for adding my link to yr fabulous list! I am honored! xo

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