Winding down the knitting

I’ve had this mental “list of things to do before baby” that I’ve been working on, well, ever since I realized we might actually be having a baby! Some of it was actually baby-related, but a great deal of it is getting my life in order before everything gets put on hold for a while.

And of course much of my life and hobbies involve crafts and specifically knitting!

I’ve finally gotten the list pared down to things I think I can work on with a baby around — in all my spare time, right? 🙂

My Bamboo Tulips Cardigan has its sleeves completed — all three of them because I can’t count! Ha. I had a goal of completing the sleeves because they have lace in them. The rest of the cardigan is stockinette rectangles. I think I can handle that even in a sleep deprived state.

I finally finished off the golf club covers although I think they look pretty awful. I will give them to my mom when she visits and ask her to try them out when she gets home, and photograph them so I can see what needs to be changed for more of them. Woo. I did have the presence of mind to write down how I made them since I didn’t follow a pattern. By the way, I am never doing argyle ever again.

I finished off an uber-swatch for a holiday felting project. I have a pattern, but I’d prefer to use yarn I already have. These yarns are Manos, Noro, and Lamb’s Pride. I decided to do solid areas and striped areas to see how they all worked together. Surprisingly, the Noro and Lamb’s Pride have almost the same gauge while the Manos is bigger. These are all done on a 10.5 needle. I suppose I should have done the Manos with a smaller needle as well. Hmm. This is unfortunate because I was planning on using mostly Noro and Manos. The pattern is for Manos but I don’t have enough for the whole thing. We’ll see how it goes!

Anyway it’s an uber-swatch because not only is it big (and done in the round), I even wove in all the ends. I imagine I’ll be able to make something from it when it’s felted. I actually really like the yellow and olive colors together. Wouldn’t those stripes make great knee socks?! I’m hoping to felt it soon, decide on the yarns, and then it’s stockinette in the round for a long, long time. Also good for baby, I hope.

Although this wasn’t exactly on the list, I finished off a headband for moi. I can’t believe how far this yarn is going. I STILL have more! I might try and use up the rest of it on some socks for Boo, but I’m sure I’ll have to supplement. Which is fine. Socks I can do with out much in the way of brain cells 🙂

Hmm what else do I have going on? My holiday advent baby socks are still coming along, although I’m behind. That’s okay. I can do one in a day if I need to so I’m not worried about it. My goal is still 2 a month with some extras done when I can because I’d like to have a selection to choose from. The extra can become ornaments or decorate packages 🙂

And I think that pretty much empties the knitting basket! Some projects have been put into hibernation — the Chevron Scarf (even though I only have like 6 inches to go, I’m so lame) and the Doctor’s Bag. That bag I still love, but it takes a toll on my hands and I can’t pick it up and put it down easily. The pattern is too complicated and I have to find time to do an entire repeat before I put it down again. Yet because it hurts my hands I can only do one repeat at a time. I’m about half way through the first side, but my gauge changes every time I pick it up! So, I’ve decided to put it in hibernation and I suppose I’ll probably rip it out when I get back to it but plow through it to get it done. I want some more big knitting bags!

And….. gosh that’s all I can think of! There are some outstanding sewing projects, but aren’t there always? My serger has crapped out on my as well so I’m not sure what to do about that.

I think I’m well set for baby knitting. Stockinette, easy, mindless (mostly), a cardigan, socks, both large and small, still working on (easy) holiday gifts, and other things planned that I can do when and if I feel up to it. My Rav queue has some good projects lined up and most of my holiday gifts are planned. I think I even found the perfect pattern for my new orange yarn, I just need to order the booklet. Looking forward to more wooly goodness in the fall! It’s all good. I think 🙂

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