Utilitarian Sewing

The baby quilt has taken the back burner to some more urgent sewing needs. Namely, fixing diapers and making some baby wipes.

Unfortunately for me, I’ve been sick for… weeks! Weeks and weeks. I’m not really sick any more, but I have this cough I can’t shake and just generally don’t feel so good. That has meant pretty much zero sewing. Standing is not a strong suit at the moment. Knitting is much easier.

I finally did get the pieces for the wipes cut out though, so I’ve been working on them, and finally finished today! I’m particularly proud of how thrifty I’m being! One side is a cute winnie the pooh (get it? poo?) flannel print and the other side are various assorted hemp or cotton fabrics that are mostly scraps from other diaper making adventures. How cool am I? Very. Very cool.

Anyway.. Next is fixing the diapers where the elastic dry rotted in storage. DAMMIT. Why did that happen? I’m currently experimenting with the best way to accomplish this, hopefully without ending up with something ass-ugly, although let’s face it. They’re poop catchers. Ugly isn’t really a problem here.

Once that’s sorted out I still really need to sew together the quilt top and make some pockets to hang on the crib, so in theory I don’t have to actually get up to change the baby’s diaper in the middle of the night. On the other hand, I think for the first few months we’re going to be getting up no matter what, so I’m not too worried about this particular project. I do plan on being thrifty yet again — I have loads of jean pockets cut out and saved for just this sort of thing!

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  1. Sarah says:

    oh my gosh! I have YARDS of various hemp fabrics and some white terry that I am not going to use. When I was pregnant with jake i was going to use them for diapers and wipes and never really got around to it. do you want them?

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