Baby Knits for a Baby Girl

Finally I can post about my baby knits for our friend’s baby girl! Do you have any idea why international mail takes so long to get there despite the fact they don’t have surface mail any more? I sure as hell don’t.

Anyway! When we found out they were expecting a girl I immediately went “Squee!” and plotted two things I’ve been wanting to knit for ages: a bonnet and some mary jane style booties.

The bonnet pattern is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. My gauge was completely off, but I wanted to make sure it was machine washable and I’ve been wanting to try out Cotton Ease as a possible yarn for H’s sweater, so that’s what I used. Annoyingly, the pattern mostly gives row count instead of length measurement, so I had absolutely no idea if this was going to fit an actual human or not. It looked rather small and wide to me, but I’ve since been told it’s actually a little big. Yay!

Turns out I’m not such a fan of Cotton Ease. I do like the color and the fabric itself, but I didn’t like knitting with it. It’s squeaky and kinda thick. The pink is another “try out single ball” in the stash, a machine washable merino by Tahki called Torino. I loved this stuff. In fact it’s pretty high on the list to make a sweater for the baby that’s currently cooking. You can see that I clearly need to work on my “applied i-cord” skills as the brown is peeking through. I just hope it is good enough!

The booties are Saartje’s Booties, which have been making the knitting blog rounds and there are tons of them on Ravelry. They are, indeed, possibly the cutest booties ever. I did a seamless version (posted here) but I’m actually not sure it’s the best way to go. The crossing straps are different widths and that annoys me. I also didn’t understand why the instructions had you turn around mid-row and go back at one point — I didn’t do that on the second bootie and liked the result better. I also did an i-cord to go around the button instead of crocheting. I think next time I make these, because there will be a next time, I’ll do the original flat version and seam them. I have no problems with seaming.

I was worried these were too small as well — I mean seriously, I know I have big hands but crap those are small! Turns out they fit perfectly right now. Woo. Good thing since I suspect they wouldn’t stay on when the kiddo starts crawling. At any rate, I think both of these items could be used for doll clothes later on. I large doll, I suppose.

The yarn for these is a favorite for making baby things — Socks that Rock mediumweight in Little Bunny Foo Foo. You know I like pink and brown and bunnies, right? I love this yarn. I’m pretty sure it would pool spectacularly horribly on socks for myself so I’m happy to use it for other things.

Lastly, there’s a pressie for the older brother. His birthday was a scant few weeks before the baby’s due date. Boo loves every Pointy Kitty I’ve made so I thought it might be a safe bet for a two year old overseas as well. I took extra care in sewing this baby because I wouldn’t be around to fix it! I made his tummy somewhat wider (although that turned out to be a mistake, still need to work on that theory), and I sewed the (crap) felt on with a running stitch instead of a whip stitch. I actually like that effect better so I think I’ll do that from now on. I love the fabric he’s made from, but I suspect he’s a little pale. Note to self for next time.

So there you go! Handmade pressies to England for little kids we won’t see for… umm.. another year at least! Oh well. We think of them often and I love handing out the handmade goodness 🙂

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  1. Sarah says:

    Oh I love the booties I keep meaning to make a pair you have enspired me.

    oh and you are so funny. she doesn’t even have to pay me to pimp her stuff I LOVE IT! 😉 I don’t know why I never shopped there before I worked there.

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