We went to our handcrafting group the other day; the same group where we made felted easter eggs last month. This time, we made sheep!

As you can see, he’s rather large, and he was very fun to make! It’s basically a pipe cleaner frame with wool wrapped around it, then needle felted. The idea was from this fantastic book on toymaking. I need to hunt that down.

I love needle felting. It’s somehow very therapeutic. I don’t know if it’s the repetitive motion, the creation of something from what looks like a pile of cotton balls, or the actual stabbing action that relieves some aggression, but whatever it is, I like it! I like how portable it is as well.

I even like his butt. Isn’t he cute?

I do have this urge to go buy some curly mohair and make his top half a little more fuzzy. He’s quite sproingy at the moment and could do with some more felting. But really, he’s good as is and the lad seems to like him. Apparently his name is “Peepo”.

Now, if I could just repeat this experiment on people-shapes to make some dolls, we’d be getting somewhere!

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3 Responses to Baa!

  1. Jenn says:

    Peepo is so cute!

  2. Sarah says:

    Cute oh my gosh I love that so much.

  3. Leah Adams says:

    EEEp! He is so cute. I love the tail. That is exactly what I imagine a sheep tail to be. Well done! I hope you will demonstrate every time I need to teach needle felting.

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