Ceramics: Favorite vase

This is my favorite vase that I made:

It was an interesting technique — making two halves and sandwiching them together. I can totally see the seam so I’m not sure how good a job this was!

Nevertheless, the fun part was the “leaves”. I seem to recall I actually screwed something up majorly and tried to cover it up with the clay scraps from my wheel. I liked how it looked and went with it.

Ultimately I want to make felted flowers to go with all of my vases and I envision bright red and pink roses for this one. Maybe those Berroco flowers. Only time will tell 🙂

Incidently, that green glaze on the leaves is chock full of lead. I know this, not because I made the glaze (I never got around to taking that class), but because I used it to glaze a teapot and mug set. After it came out of the kiln, one of the MFA students said, ‘You know that has lead in it, right?’ Shit.

I’m keeping the teapot, although I don’t know that I’ll get any pics of it, it’s very much packed away. But I think I should destroy the mugs. I’m just worried that it will be too easy for something to happen to me and those mugs end up at Goodwill or in a yard sale some day, some year, and someone might get poisoned from them! I’ll have to find a way to seal off the teapot. It’s just way too pretty to smash with a hammer 🙂

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