A new series: Ceramics

1. The original intent of my blog was to record things for myself for future prosperity.
2. I go through phases with nothing to blog about.
3. My favorite thing to blog about are my crafty activities.
4. Therefore I should record some of my older crafty activities on my blog!

I have two series planned. One series will be on my old ceramics pieces, and the other will be on some of my favorite things (usually artsy) around my house. One day (way back in November!) I ran around taking pictures of some of these things, and only uncovered these photos at a marathon computer session last night! Frankly the pics are rather crap, so apologies for that in advance.

Okay! So, some background. I did ceramics in college. I didn’t major in it or anything, it was a total fluke (I needed to take something) that I stuck with because I loved it and had a modicum of talent for it. Turns out that ceramics is extremely difficult to do once you are out of school if you’re not dedicated to it, so after some failed attempts at taking classes I fell out of it. I do miss it, but let’s face it — knitting is much more portable! And if I think sewing takes a set amount of time, think about ceramics! Holy moly!

So! The pot shown here was one of my first. It’s called a “pinch pot” and is one of the first projects you do in a ceramics class. You basically take a ball of clay and pinch it into submission. I made several of these, but this one is special. I love how it turned out and the inside glaze crackled amazingly well.

So well that everyone thought it was just beautiful. Try as I might though, I could never replicate it, either the glaze on the inside or the way the cracks appeared and stained on the outside. Ah well.

My poor pot does have one broken piece from the top (which I managed to hide exceedingly well in these pictures) but I love it anyway. It usually sits atop a bookshelf somewhere.

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