A Felted Secret Compartment Egg

The original idea for the workshop on felted eggs that we did was that you could cut them open, put bits and bobs in them, and then shut them again, somehow. Nice idea, and there are lots of felted boxes and such out there which are evidence that this idea is, indeed, possible.

However. My eggs were not thick enough for this so it failed pretty miserably and I felted them closed (why I haven’t taken pictures of this yet escapes me, I should do that soon).

The last time I did eggs though, with some playgroup friends, I tried again. This time with bigger eggs on the inside and lots of felt on the outside. I was going for thicker. And, well, I sort of achieved that:

Here it is with more wool felted to the inside.

And here it is closed — it needs some work to make it more egg shaped, obviously.

Unfortunately every time I look at this thing all I can think is CLAM! I want to put eyes on it and chase Boo around the house with it like it’s a monster. I really don’t think I can consider it an egg, although it will certainly hold things. But besides that, I can’t figure out a good way to close it either.

Ah well. An idea that needs to simmer for a while, I suppose. In the meantime… RAWR!

P.S. This egg was really pissing me off as it was — the inside plastic egg popped open three times. Honestly! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a plastic egg back together when it’s wrapped in a bunch of wet wool? I need to use a different tactic next time.

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  1. Leah Adams says:

    I’m glad you tried this project again! Wow. It really does look like a screaming clamshell. I can just picture it with Jim Henson eyes. Have you seen the monster bags over at Felting in Fibrespace? I love her eyes.

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