WIP: Finally some pics!

I haven’t done a WIP report for a while, mostly because I didn’t have any pics and what’s the point of a WIP report without pictures?? I finally got around to it today though, so you can expect to see pictures for a few days at least.

I finally realized I needed some socks on the needles for my carrying around project. Despite the coming of spring, I was determined to use this rather autumnal yarn. I have no idea why. It’s vacation yarn (Toasty Socks by numma numma) that I bought at Knitch in Atlanta and is a lovely combination of browns.

I’ve tried two patterns so far with this yarn and I’m about to rip this one, the third. I thought I could get away with a pattern what with all the colors being so similar. But no.. it’s just not doing it for me. The stitch patterns just aren’t showing up. The first two patterns were Nancy Bush patterns I’ve been wanting to try, and this one is a modified version of one of those. But still. Not happening. I sort of like the bigger cable, and I really like how the ribbing is looking, so perhaps just a simple ribbing sock with a big ole cable down the side.

Incidently — the color in the first photo is much more accurate. Secondly, these are 80 stitches in diameter on size 1 needles. I am so not kidding. Most sock patterns seem to hover around 64, which is way too small for me usually, but 80?! Geez. Although to be fair it’s not the size of my feet that has determined my stitch width. It pools pretty badly between 64 and 80. Ask me how I know.


Another new-ish WIP is my summer cardigan (we hope)! I’m pretty sure I’ve babbled about this before but can’t be arsed to look it up. What probably IS new is that I finished one sleeve, washed and blocked it (very lazily, the same way I’d do it if I was wearing it — machine wash and dry flat), and it looks lovely. Very good. Below is a bad color picture but shows the difference between the unblocked sleeve on top and the blocked sleeve beneath. I love how the lace looks like tulips! Imagine that.

What’s not so good is that the first sleeve is 10 stitches too wide. Crap. I can’t count. I thought about cutting and seaming it but it just won’t look right, so I’m doing three sleeves. Aren’t you jealous?

This picture is much more accurate for color.

On the bright side, when I finish the second sleeve (hopefully in April) it will be stockinette from there on out, and since it’s a kimono style it’s square stockinette at that. Sounds like good baby knitting, right? I hope a) to finish it and b) that it looks nice! It sure feels nice.

Well there are actually a few other things on the needles, but they deserve their own blog posts so I’m gonna stop now. Mom’s golf club covers are stalled (damn argyle!) and I have some Christmas knits nearly finished. I am so not kidding! I can’t believe I need to start my holiday gift drawer in March. I rock.

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