Easter and Spring Crafts

I have to admit I’ve never talked about nor decorated so much for Easter in all my life! I was never all that big on Easter.

Nevertheless… there are some wonderful little crafts that have caught my eye for the season. Best of all, they could totally be considered just spring crafts as well!

1) First of all we have felted eggs. I had never heard of felted eggs until that little workshop came up on our local parenting list. That was fun! I am completely and totally enamoured. Then I ran across the Waldorf Mama felted eggs and I want to try those next — they appear to be solid color (I’d do the solid wet felted) then decorations needle felted on when dried. Cute! I suspect I might keep making eggs well past Easter.

2) Along the same theme of bird-related objects, Leah also produced a post on felted bird nests . Knock me over with a stick, I want to do those! Maybe next year. I especially love the colored bits of yarn and other bits worked into the final piece.

3) Something I’m hoping to get to actually today (and if I remember to take pics, I’ll post about it) are the Angry Chicken chocolate egg nests . Do those look yummy or what? I have some chocolate eggs set aside just for the finishing touches of this project. Besides, what kid wouldn’t want to bash up a bunch of wheat biscuits? Fun all around!

4) I won’t get to this project this year either, but if you’re a knitter and don’t know what to do with your swatches? Check it out.. you can make a bunny out of them. Clever!

5) Along the lines of clever, growing real grass for Easter. I’ve just been stuffing the bottom of the Boo’s Easter basket with green wool roving, but real grass? How cool is that? Another thought to remember for next year. (I googled this as well and realize it’s an old trick and there are lots of posts about it. Nevertheless it was new to me!)

6) Finally, there’s a whole list of spring/easter crafts at The Long Thread. Good for future reference.

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