Dull and Boring

I like to have something to post about every day. I have some knitted stuff waiting in the wings for when I can get them in the post and into the hands of their intended recipients, but other than that? I got nothin’.

I’m working on things… I still haven’t decided on the quilt layout (letting that stew for a while). I had to rip out the argyle part of the second golf club cover because it was pissing me off. Who the hell invented argyle? They were sadistic.

My tulips cardi (needs photos taken) is on its third sleeve. Yes, third. The first one I did I apparently mis-counted my cast-on and it’s ten stitches too big. It’s been washed so I didn’t bother ripping it out, it’ll just hang out until I determine if I need to use that yarn. And I’ll make another sleeve. Grr. Then it will be on to deciding whether or not to do the bottom part all in one as opposed to pieces, how long to make it, and revel in the glory that is stockinette. I’m expecting this to last into baby-dom so stockinette is good.

My bag has been hanging out for a while. It takes some dedicated time and I’m trying to finish these birthday pressies first. After March I should have more “me” knitting time. Just in time for baby! Isn’t that convenient?

My list of stuff I want to make is incredibly long. That should come as no surprise. My Ravelry (knitting and surprisingly, crochet) queue is 12 pages long. TWELVE! And that doesn’t include sewing, felting, or other crafty endeavors.

Suffice to say, things around here are boring and dull for the blog fodder department! I suppose that could be a good thing.. at least I don’t have much to bitch about 🙂

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