I love sewing during the day. How about that?

Usually I only sew at night. Knitting can be done during the day, a few rows at a time. Sewing? Not so much.

However, a few times now I’ve had the opportunity (thanks H!) to sew during the day at the weekends. I can concentrate, I have energy, I’m not lethargic or tired, everything makes much more sense, I don’t get nearly as frustrated, in fact I’m downright excited, and I get a whole lot more done! It’s brilliant!

Nighttime I want nothing more than to plop in front of the TV/movie and knit. I make myself go up to sew because I really want to make these projects, but I’m not exactly excited about it. Daytime apparently makes all the difference in the world!

Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll have consistent daytime time for a long, long time. We’re talking years. I’m okay with that, I knew I signed up for that, but still. This is a nice revelation and you bet I’ll be vying for sewing time during the day at the weekend from now on, if I can possibly find any 🙂

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2 Responses to Revelation

  1. TracyKM says:

    I can’t sew at night either. I get all excited around dinner time, but by the time the kids are in bed; it’s vegging on the couch with knitting and pre-recorded Oprah. But naptime during the week is just not long enough to get the sewing stuff out and really get into it before I have to pack up and drag the munchkin off to get the other kids.
    I really wish I had known about the Spinning Babies site…before it probably existed actually, LOL. My son was not in a good position, but my family doc. was not concerned/experienced enough to realize there might be issues with the birth. I never realized giving information like that site address would be seen as so evil, LOL.

  2. tania says:

    oooo. I’m thinking about getting a sewing machine with part of this year’s tax refund. Which kind do you have or like or recommend?

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