Yummy Fabric

Last Saturday I went past the yarn shop and to the fabric store instead. I got what I intended — backing for the baby quilt (I’ve decided to wimp out of the minkee) and a couple fat quarters for an upcoming birthday cat (yes, another one!). This is good.

However, I was sweating it the whole time. I’ve never been inundated by quite so many luscious fabrics. There were at least three separate fat quarter packs I couldn’t stop petting, plus some other collections I didn’t even see fat quarters for. Oh, the lust. I had to be strong and leave as soon as possible!

That doesn’t stop me from scouring the internet for images of the fabrics that really caught my eye though 🙂 Here are just a few.. there’s so much variety in the fabric world I’m having trouble finding them all! Doesn’t help I totally didn’t write down who the designers were and my brain isn’t working quite right these days so I don’t remember them well either.

First off, Swell from Urban Chicks by Moda:

How much do I love that red and blue? A LOT. Incidently the middle one is one of the fat quarters I picked up. I think the cross hatch with red pockets and sashing would make a smashing apron as well.

Next, another Moda collection called Daydreams:

I find these guys so peaceful. There are some butterfly fabrics in there too that look better in person than the little picture on the website.

And lastly, Mackenzie from Windham Fabrics:

I really want that orange and blue for my current quilt and the green for the Boo’s frog project! Oh well. They’re gorgeous regardless.

Speaking of frogs, I adore this frog print from Alexander Henry:

And speaking of Alexander Henry, I’m also in love with his current Juicy Jungle prints:

Alexander Henry fabrics are so hard to find. They’re really popular (justifiably so if you’ve ever seen the infamous zoo print!), bright, fun, and just wonderful, really. I actually was looking for the animal print for the backing for my quilt but couldn’t find it. I ended up with numbers instead. Not that there’s anything wrong with numbers 🙂 I had to cobble these pictures from several different websites because no one had them all in stock in one place.

Anyway! That’s my fabric tour for today. It took every ounce of sense I had to leave without some of these fabrics. The sad thing about fabrics is that I’ve learned if you don’t buy it when you see it, more often than not you will never see it again. The silver lining of this is that they’re always coming out with new fabrics that, while not the same, are usually just as beautiful and interesting. So it’s okay.

I think.

(This post is ironic considering my rant against consumerism yesterday over dinner!)

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