FO: Fetching Fingerless Mitts

I finally finished these fingerless mitts!

Pattern: Fetching
Designer: Cheryl Niamath
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran
Needles: 2 size 6 Clover bamboo circulars

Mods: Where to start? I added an extra rib (so four extra stitches), made them much taller (how much taller escapes me now — maybe 5 rows?), made the thumb longer and wider, and did an extra cable twist at the top, partly because I thought one twist looked funny and partly because I needed them still yet longer. I also did a regular bindoff instead of the picot bindoff because I read that the picot bindoff flared; plus I just didn’t like how it looked. These mods definitely required two skeins with a fair bit left over.

Verdict: I like them. I’m pretty sure I’ll use them (they’re in my bag with my itty bitty scarf, at any rate). I love the color. I like the yarn but the cashmerino content has me feeling unhappy. They are very soft though and I could see making a sweater out of this stuff too, you know, should 20 skeins jump in my lap. I haven’t had any pilling problems that people have reporting having, although admittedly they’ve only gone for one test run so far.

I’m not crazy about the pattern but it will be functional. The finger side flares a bit, which is annoying, but livable. That might be something that will just happen with this style of garment. Maybe doing some k2tog before the bindoff might help? Anyway, I do love how the cables pull in at the wrist and I do think they look nice. Lurvely color. Very quick knit. (My friend and I have had trouble getting together which was why these were languishing but I decided to just finish them before summer came!) I’m planning another pair as a Christmas gift this year for sure!

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  1. Heather says:

    Love those Fetchings! I knit a pair and then proceeded to lose them THE NEXT DAY–gah!!

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