This is where I went on Saturday:

I was taking the photo with my phone (why did I forget my camera??) so didn’t realize that big ole pole was in the way! The line continued all the way down the block.

This is the line to get into Hilltop Yarn for their “fire sale”. Apparently they had a small basement electrical fire and their entire stock was carted off to be ozoned or similar. When they reopened, they were selling it all for 50% off. It isn’t often you get a yarn sale that good, so apparently nearly the entire knitting community of Seattle showed up for opening day. I’ve never seen such a line just to get into a yarn shop!!

I had really been looking forward to going. There are a couple projects I need yarn for this year and 50% off is really hard to pass up. So I went. I was even sort of early. Yet lots of people were earlier.

I parked a couple blocks away and walked up and went.. Whoa. I walked right on by. No way was I standing in line as long as it would take, plus then the place would be insanely crowded! I had other things to do this morning (The Quilting Loft was also having a sale, a mere 20% off) so I decided to go do those instead and come back. I have limited time off these days! Standing in line is not how I want to spend it.

So I did my errands and came back over an hour later. The line was gone so I went in. And now the line was waiting for the registers. Wow. I did manage to slip around the edges without my belly pushing too many people, and discovered that the stuff I was after was indeed there but not in colors I needed. Damn. I contemplated getting a few other things, looked at the register line again, heard people comment they’d been standing in line for an hour. And walked right out the back door.

In retrospect, I’m mystified that they didn’t limit the number of people who went in at a time. I’m guessing the numbers were somewhat… unexpected. Good thing there wasn’t another fire! I wonder if they even know the fire marshall limit to the number of people who could be in at one time?

Anyway.. maybe if I’d found exactly what I wanted I’d have been willing to wait. But as it was, I was hot and feeling faint and I just wasn’t that desperate. I can pay full price when I actually get to the point of working on said projects. I’m okay with that.

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