Baby quilt: Maybe good colors, maybe not?

I finished two more strips the other night:

So the idea is to do one more of each color, sew them together, add a black border and the top is done! Isn’t it neat how the white zigzag part just magically happens?

I’m not remotely convinced I picked good fabrics. You can see with the orange that I went more orange/yellow so I was thinking with the blue I might do blue/green but I ended up with more… blue/turquoise. Hmm.

I also apparently was not paying any attention to off-white vs. white. There’s a lot of off-white in there. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I generally abhor white and off-white together, but I’m not turning back now so I think I’ll have to learn to ignore it.

There are some fabulous prints in there.. some make my heart absoloutely flutter (butterflies! hawaiian prints! wee orange flowers!) but others.. I was grasping, that’s for sure. Some are scrap, some have sentimental value, others I bought in a pack of coordinating fabrics hoping they would augment my sparse selection. I have always thought of myself as having a good sense of color but I think this is perhaps not the case. I don’t know how quilters do it!

Ah well. It will certainly do. It will make for an interesting playmat, I hope. That’s the goal anyway. Now onto the next three strips! At least I’m getting better at that part.

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2 Responses to Baby quilt: Maybe good colors, maybe not?

  1. Jenny Pitcairn says:

    I think the colours are fab!

  2. Megan d says:

    I love the colors. It looks great. B&W is cool and blue and orange are fantastic. don’t turn back!

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