RIP: Norwegian Mittens

RIP to my Norwegian Mitten (just the one, never finished the other). Does this mean Rest In Peace or Ripped Into Pieces? Either way, they’re gone!

Of course I had to take some pictures for prosperity’s sake. After all, these were my first colorwork project EVER! They were also my first mitten attempt EVER! They nearly matched my vision of the subtley changing blue background (thank you fabulous Mountain Colors yarn!) with white snowflakes (Dalegarn Falk for the white). I love the backside too. The pattern is Norwegian Mittens from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Almanac.

So what didn’t I like? Oh let me count the ways. First I couldn’t decide on a cuff. I did the one recommended in the pattern twice and just… didn’t like it. Plus it clearly was meant to go over your coat and that wasn’t what I wanted. So I gave up and did ribbing. Ribbing is all well and good, except this ribbing was too loose, but of course I didn’t decide that until later.

Then turns out I hate this thumb placement. It just doesn’t work with my generous-sized palms. See the pull in the photo above? Incredibly annoying to wear. I liked my mom’s mittens better, where the thumb was placed at the side.

And then, in another moment where the pattern just didn’t make sense to me, the mitten continues to be the same width up through the fingers until you start decreasing. I need more width across the palm and less width across the fingers. Not the opposite! So that was annoying.

And finally, I disliked the pointy top. I’m a curvy gal, what can I say?

So after being uninspired to finish the second one (I did start it) and as I’m looking forward to spring, I got tired of seeing this in my knitting basket. It’s not right, and I can do better. RIP it goes!

I still plan to do these for next winter because the vision is still there! I want some snowflake mittens with an undulating blue background. Doesn’t that sound lovely? I just apparently have to add an addendum that I want them to fit, have the thumb at the side, a narrower colorwork or ribbed cuff, and a rounded top. THAT should be perfect 🙂

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