Update on the baby quilt

I have to admit that I haven’t wanted to blog alot about this baby quilt. It’s like if I haven’t blogged about it, then no one will know if I never finish it! Ha!

However I’ve pretty much reached the point that it’s going to turn into something, even if it’s not what I intended, so it’s worth blogging about. It’s no longer just a stack of fabric and a vision in my head. Pieces have been cut out. I can’t turn back now!

These are my triangles, enough for two strips each of black & white, orange, and blue. I used the triangle tutorial at the Purl Bee and am pretty pleased with how they turned out. Although holy crap that was a lot of work. I was looking forward to the assembling and sewing part!

And here’s my first strip ready to be sewn. This part was fun, although there’s also a fair bit of trepidation as to my fabric choices. I think it’s pretty clear I have no idea what I’m doing, but that’s okay. I’m not expecting it to be perfect.

To date, the strip above is sewn (this was before my back went out), and the other night I started piecing one blue and one orange strip. I’ll take more pics when they are finished. I am looking forward to having the entire top done!

Incidently, I saw this giraffe blanket online somewhere and I’m in LOVE with it! See, I have minkee for the backing on my quilt, and I’m a little worried about sewing with it. It’s not only puffy but very stretchy and I just can’t fathom how quilting on that stuff is going to work. I chose that as the backing because I keep seeing baby quilts with that on the back and of course they’re adorable, but… HOW? Do they do that? So now I’m pondering doing a sort of random strip pieced back a la the lap blanket from Bend the Rules Sewing and then hand sewing a big ole giraffe (or other animal? Brontosaurus?) on the back. Cute, yes? Yes indeed. We’ll see.

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  1. Liane says:

    I love the colors! Wow you are brave with all those triangles. I am stuck on my quilt–pissed that my corners don’t line up straight. Can’t wait to see more pictures!

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