Recent FOs: Zeebee hat and more advent socks

I’ve been working on lots of little projects lately, which makes me very, very happy! Almost instant gratification. H needed a new hat and I’d been pining to try out the Zeebee hat pattern, so one was produced in due haste:

Pattern: Zeebee!
Designer: Schmeebot
Needles: Size 9 Addi Natura
Mods: added a brim
Time: This took about a week, but would have been faster had the initial green yarn I tried not run out five ridges before finishing! So I had to rip out and start over with different yarn.

It’s a very clever pattern, very mathematical in a very satisfying way. I used two strands of Cascade 220 to make it nice, thick and cushy since H’s previous hat was a bit big and the fabric a bit loose, so the wind could get to his poor head. I hoped this would work better. I also did a brim (which the original pattern doesn’t call for but is easily modified) because the boy likes to flip down the back to cover his neck. Fair enough!

I love how it looks. I love everything about it, except that it requires a garter stitch graft to make it seamless. This shouldn’t have been a problem, yet, it was. I’m still working on making that part better. I believe I’ve already ranted about that, so I’ll just leave that part alone. Suffice to say I want one for moi eventually 🙂

I also recently finished two more socks for our 2008 Advent Calendar. I’m not sure about these guys, to be honest. The one on the left uses a stashed green yarn (Cascade 220 again) which is very dark. Possibly too dark. I’m a bit worried it looks black.

The sock on the right is cute (picot edge!) but wider than the others. Plus I was seriously running out of (stashed again) green yarn so the heel is severely shortened. Yet, it still looks like a sock. But I dunno. Not sure about it. It could be better.

I’m not going to rip them out. I figure I’ll just need to make a couple extra over the course of the year and pick the best ones when it comes down to it. This surely won’t be the last time I make something crap.

For posterity’s sake, the dark green yarn is Cascade 220, the lighter green is Lamb’s Pride, and the white in both is that silk/angora handspun that I love.

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