After my last few FOs (more on that in a moment) I decided I really wanted to take a few days to work on something for myself. I pulled Juliet back out and went back to work.

Last time we saw Juliet I was having a conundrum about how to make the sleeve depth and length correct while not having garter stitch go straight across my boobs or making the sleeves too long. I think I figured it out — I threw in some short rows and figured out how long to make the raglan increases. Excellent.

However, in my brilliance (read: naivety) I picked a pace pattern that migrates. Oops. One half of the front of the cardigan was much wider than the other. This actually happened last time but I thought I had just screwed up. This time it’s certain it’s the lace pattern (and my inability to keep track of it).

So last night, after getting the arms right but the lace wrong, I ripped it back to the garter section and started to think about what I was doing. Did I want to try the lace section for the third time? Did I want to pick a more obvious and easier lace pattern? (A likely proposition, actually.)

Or, do I want to just rip back everything and let it go, for now? You see, the other thing I’m not convinced on is the neck line. I suspect it’s too boatneck shaped. I’m finding it hard to tell for sure, but I think it’s a bit off. And this would not be good. Also, it’s not going to be done by the end of my pregnancy, which was sort of the point. And let’s be honest here: I’ve only ever made one sweater that actually fit, and I’ve never completed a top down construction sweater before.

Maybe… just maybe… I’m not experienced enough for this? Maybe I should make a few more established patterns where all I have to change is adding bust darts and length to make them work? It’s not like I don’t have three pages of sweaters queued up on Ravelry; there’s plenty to choose from. Maybe I’ll even finish Rusted Root (without the puffy sleeves this time!).

So.. I think Juliet is doomed. At least for now. I still think it’s a cute idea, just that today is not the day it will see the light. I think I’m going to rip it back the rest of the way and start something else for me. Two summer projects definitely come to mind, both of which I already have the yarn for! (Incidently my bag is still in the works, it is just hard on my hands and takes a fair bit of concentration!)

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