Boo’s Valentine’s Pressie

A bit late, but I finally took some pictures of the Boo’s Valentine’s present. May I present “Kitty Cat”:

We’re real original about names around here.

This is the same Pointy Kitty pattern that I used previously. The Boo was quite reluctant to let that one go, so I knew I had to make another one.

Favorite part: The heart! Aww! Boo tells me this is where Kitty’s heartbeat is. Cutie! Also like how I did the whole thing in one night. Go me!

Sadly, I used the crappest materials possible. To give me some credit, I didn’t necessarily know this until I started working on it. The fabric is from Jo-ann’s and is abysmal. The weave is so loose that the stuffing is literally coming out through it. All sewing lines are pulling. I have no idea how long it will hold together!

The felt is craft store acrylic. I’ve been meaning to get some wool or wool blend felt but alas, I haven’t figured out how to bump this up the priority list yet as it’s a wee bit expensive and I want a variety of colors. Stash building, you know. PRECISELY for these scenarios! Acrylic doesn’t sew nearly as well as wool, plus it’s pilling like crazy.

Finally, there are three aspects of this pattern that bug me. First, the neck is always too loose and I haven’t figured out how to stiffen that up. Possibly entirely my lack of skill so I’ll keep working on it. Second, the bottom is also very tall and skinny. Of course cats actually do look like that, but this just feels too exaggerated to me. Third, the tummy is too skinny. After sewing the two stomach pieces together there’s barely half an inch to stomach left which makes sewing them together seem really pointless!

SO! Note to self: Try and fix these next time. Along with using decent materials that might actually last.

Ah well. Suffice to say the Boo was extremely pleased to find the kitty. I left her (him?) on the dining table and when he got up in the morning, he spotted it very quickly and asked, “Is this for me?!” in a very happy and excited yet somewhat trepedacious voice. Of course the kitty WAS for him, so Kitty Cat has joined his posse, currently consisting of Bunny, Mr Puppet, and Baby Turtle. Told you we were good at names. These guys go with him everywhere. So it’s a good sign that the kitty is getting some loving, and that couldn’t make me happier. Happy Valentine’s Day to my little boy!

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