I am just not a sewing person

In writing that title, I realized why no one says “sew-er” as in “knitter”. Looks like a city drainage system!

Anyway.. So I’ve been working on this baby quilt. It’s coming along, albeit very slowly. I did my first triangles the other day, the black and white section. Next chance I get to work on it I’ll try and finish both the orange and blue sections, then it will be the actual piecework. No, wait, then it will be ironing all of those suckers and cutting off the extraneous edges. THEN it will be the piecework. Phew! And after that, the borders, the backing (not looking forward to that actually, minkee looks hard to work with), then the hand-sewn on border. Oh and the actual quilting comes in there somewhere. Shit.

The thing is, sewing is hard work! I mean I knew this, I suppose, perhaps it’s just that I’ve never made anything that required this many small pieces of fabric. The cutting out of the fabric took days in and of itself. To be honest, sewing is a pain in the ass!

I’m just not a process person. I’m not a process knitter and I’m not a process sew-person. I’m all about the final results. (Ironic considering the number of unfinished projects I have lying around.) This could explain why I don’t really have a fabric stash. I am very intentional when I buy fabric and rarely buy just because (unlike yarn, right?). Without plans, that fabric will sit there and get dusty and sun bleached, in short, wasted. Can’t have that!

Sewing takes a lot of thought. Meticulous planning. Precise cutting. Math. Lots of math. All things that don’t come naturally to me, at least not in this area. Knitting is much more my style. Knitting is relaxing. Almost meditative. I can only do sewing in very small bites because it is just not enjoyable. It’s almost stressful, if I do too much at one time.

On the bright side, I’m really looking forward to this baby quilt. I am going to finish it and it’s going to be fabulous! My baby probably won’t give a crap, but that’s not the point. In fact all of my sewing project queue is well intentioned and purposeful and I look forward to finishing and using all of them. But getting there… man. Hard, hard work. Props to all you quilters and sew-people out there!

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  1. tania says:

    You’re right, it DOES take a lot of thought and hard work…I made a quilt once w/o measuring the pieces and I did it all by hand. Once my camera battery is charged I’ll take a pic and send it to you… 🙂

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