Tiny Red Couch

I recently procured a doll house. There’s obviously a blatant needy inner child at work here. Kids sometimes provide the best excuses! It’s “used” and I didn’t pay nearly enough for it — must find a way to further pay back the friends who practically gave to me! It’s in perfect condition and even came with some furniture.

Point is, I’ve had these visions lately of making dolls and doll house furniture. We’ve already established that my dollmaking skills clearly need work, but who wouldn’t have fun needle felting furniture? I just knew I would.. and I did! May I present my Tiny Red Couch:

Is teensy weensie. I love it. I will probably make some cushions for it at some stage as well, and maybe even add some felted or perhaps some purse bottom bits for legs. Who knows? It’s all an experiment.

Unfortunately it may be a bit TOO small:

In relation to the furniture I already have it appears child sized. Or maybe it can be made into a cozy chair? Ah well. I don’t even have any dolls so it’s a bit of a moot point at the moment. Perhaps I need a butt to sit in it. Nevertheless, I still love it πŸ™‚

So, the specs:

This is made from some utterly crap rainbow colored wool roving I ordered from somewhere, not sure where. It doesn’t wet felt very well, had a bugger of a time making felt balls with it, so needle felting it is. This is the entire lot of this color I had so if I want to make a bigger one (clearly I might want to do that if I want this to match the other furniture) it’ll have to be multicolored, or dyed, or perhaps a single color done on top of other colors. Time will tell.

The shape is incidently one of my favorite shapes for a couch. When I showed H he accused me of planning our future home. He might not be far off! But somehow I don’t think he’ll submit to a red couch πŸ™‚ Anyway, the shape is out of my head, but it’s pretty much what I was envisioning.

I think it’s adorable. Tiny! Red! Couch! Fun, fun. This was a good project to pick up and put down throughout the day as well. I had to be careful that the boy was occupied while I worked on it and keep an eye out for random attacks from the child, lest one or both of us get stabbed, but generally it worked very well. There is absolutely more needle felting in my future! And a bigger couch.

(As an aside, my child lives in a very black and white world with already strongly held beliefs on right vs. wrong. He nearly cried when he saw this and demanded that we take it back to our friend’s house! That it was hers and we shouldn’t have taken it! I don’t think he knows the word “steal” but that’s what he was inferring, I’m certain. Took ages for him to become comfortable with the idea that we did actually pay money for it and all was well with the universe.)

(Further aside: Whoever said boys shouldn’t play with dollhouses was full of crap. First of all, my boy loves to rearrange the furniture. He’s never played with the dolls at other people’s houses so dunno if he would here, but he does get out his tools and “work” on the house. Hysterical considering we rarely do that sort of thing, even though I grew up working on an old house. Perhaps it’s in his genes?)

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3 Responses to Tiny Red Couch

  1. Heather says:

    My brother and I logged hours and hours playing with my doll house (a Swedish Lundby, w/ electricity!), and sometimes I feel like many of my notions of family & class came from that play–now we’ll call each other up and recite familiar lines from our sessions and just die laughing!!

  2. Margo says:

    So cool! That’s the exact dollhouse we have too – got ours at a thrift store. With some furniture, but not enough. Love the couch!! I’ve not tried needle felting yet.

  3. tania says:

    omg i LOVE that little couch!!!

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