What to do with my Noro?

Way back when, I posted about how I ripped out my very first sweater which fit poorly and I never, ever wore. I wanted to save the yarn though, which is the very fine Noro Silk Garden. Good yarn, way too good for that sweater.

So now I have a boatload of Noro that I’m not entirely sure what to do with! I want to make a sweater this year and don’t particularly want to buy new yarn. Help me choose! I’d love to hear any and all opinions, comments, email, whatever.

Here’s my current favorite option:

-> Pinwheel Sweater (There’s a REALLY GORGEOUS one here on Flickr.)

This sweater has been on my to-knit list forever. I love it, I really do. It’s just my style and I’m sure I’d wear it all the time, IF it fit properly.

The only problem is I’m not sure Noro is going to work well. I think it will make small stripey bands at the center of the jacket but as the jacket gets wider… well it’s one huge circle with sleeves, basically. So the stripes are going to get narrower and narrower and eventually probably just be… variegated and not striped, if that makes any sense. So it won’t look like either of those sweaters. It’ll look… different. Probably pretty, but different. And I’m just not sure that’s the best use for this yarn, ya know?

So, I went in search of other options.

-> The Lotus Cardigan caught my eye. I love the shaping. I haven’t seen many of these made but the ones I have seen look kind of sloppy (check it out on Ravelry if you’re on there). It might be more work than I’m ready for since it doesn’t have the usual shaping. I think it would definitely show off the yarn though, if it works.

-> The Taos Diagonal Jacket also caught my eye. Great stripes, not horizontal (very important!) but perhaps a bit too… business like? For my daily life?

-> Finally, the Rayne Wrap looks interesting. It’s basically a wrap with sleeves. I do think it’s beautiful, but I ponder that it is actually that wearable. I love wraps in theory, but in reality I tend to grab cardigans. I’d hate to spend all that time, energy, and boring stockinette only to not wear it!! It’s one of the few patterns I’ve found that actually calls for this yarn though, so that’s something.

->Oh, okay, fine, one more option: More Stripes Vest. This one would be fun because a) it would be easy and b) it uses steeking to make the stripes line up on the front, and I’d love to try that. However, I couldn’t tell you the last time I wore a vest! Plus this one looks sort of sloppy as well. So… eh. Not sure. Plus I’d have a ton of yarn leftover, which really wouldn’t be that helpful.

So…. I’m not sure! Any thoughts? Opinions? Other options I haven’t found yet?

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5 Responses to What to do with my Noro?

  1. RhettaRic says:

    Okay – my opinion only, but that Lotus thing with the circular bottom looks like it bellows out right over the hips to call attention just to what I’d rather not. I do like that vest. And I LOVE that wrap thing. What’s the difference in that and a cardigan except it has that asymmetrical thingy going on? Cute. Actually like it a lot more than your first choice….like I said, JMHO… Looking forward to seeing what you end up with. Nice problem to have.

  2. Liane says:

    I vote for the wrap! It looks lovely. Does it pin closed? You could get are really neat pin from etsy or make one yourself. Don’t think Noro will look good in the pinwheel because of the striping thing you mentioned. Have fun making a decision, I’d be on ravelry all night!

  3. Jenn says:

    I think that while the Lotus thing billows out at the hips like RhettaRic said, the curves flowing inward would draw your eye in and maybe make it slimming. I do like the wrap, though, too. Me = no help at all! 😉

  4. mshellion says:

    I LOVE that wrap thing. I’d wear it in a heartbeat. It looks super comfy, but not sloppy. Very pretty.

  5. Megan says:

    Pinwheel would look funny b/c of striping and I think the Lotus would give you problems too. It would be hard to match the sides, right?

    I vote for the vest or the wrap.

    Or, make the blanket Lizard Ridge which totally shows off Noro stripes!

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