2008 Advent Calendar — a very long WIP

I’ve been babbling about making my own advent calendar for two holiday seasons now. (Post 1, Post 2) This year, I am actually doing something about it. It was the baby sock calendar from Martha that did me in. I am such a sucker for cute!

That’s right, I’m going to make 24 baby socks by December. Go ahead, snort if you want to. At least the first two are done!

The beauty of this project is that 1) it’s very little pressure — I have all year! (Yeah right, I know)

2) I can make it as easy or as fun as I like — I can actually whip out a basic sock these day, which is awesome. I can do more interesting projects if I want to, like the colorwork sock above. I can even learn a few things, if so inclined. Or not. Whatever works. I’m not even worried about making matching pairs, so no second sock syndrome. This is good.

My current plan is to make some sort of banner, possibly felted, with the numbers and something to hold the socks, like baby clothes pins, then hang the socks from them. To count down, we’ll just empty the socks that day (Oooo the possibilities for filling them!) and turn them the other way. Or even taken them down completely. Who knows? One could even plan things extremely well so that everything that’s in them goes with something in the BIG stocking for Christmas. I’m finding it hard to contain myself already!

As far as yarns go, I am trying to use up leftovers in my stash, although to be honest red and green and white are not popular colors for me, apparently. Tons of blues and purples and pinks, but not those guys. Hmm. Not that I have to keep to those colors, we’ll see how it works out. I might have to purchase some basics at some point, that’s all.

So, the specs to date:

I’m using some handspun white yarn that was gifted to my by a co-worker for my son’s baby shower way back when I had a job. The yarn is magnificent — I believe it’s silk and angora, but I could be wrong. I have, of course, lost the tag. I was actually gifted two skeins (both different), one of which was used up making the lad’s Christmas stocking. Now I’m hoping this skein will be used to make this advent calendar which will be used for a long time. I think that’s pretty good use both of some handspun yarn and a baby shower gift! My co-worker’s wife is a fiber mistress — they have their own sheep and other critters, she spins everything herself, she knits, she weaves (I think), she does everything. I was sorry I never got to meet her in person.

Anyway! The stripey sock is Cascade 220 in some shade of red, plus the handspun white. Basic pattern, nothing special other than that tiny heel flap makes me giddy.

The colorwork sock is the Flakey Baby Sock pattern by Anny Purls. More of the handspun (which actually is a bit thick and thin so not brilliant for colorwork, but okay) and Rowan Summer Tweed which I got as a tryout skein and hated, so yay for something that will use it!

This pattern should have flown by, at least the top part did, but for reasons that speak either to my incompetence or inability to see, I got stuck at the heel for far longer than was necessary. Anny recommends doing an afterthought heel, which I thought was goofy because in a sock this small, why would I choose to have more ends to weave in? So I tried a short row heel, something I haven’t done in a long, long time.

I just could not make that sucker work. I couldn’t see the wraps, I made it too big twice, I tried something different and ended up with a heel suitable for Ronald McDonald. Blah. I did the afterthought heel after all.

Frankly? Freakin’ brilliant. I want to try that out on an adult pair and see how that actually feels because wow that doesn’t get in the way of your knitting at all! Plus you have these ends to weave in which, bonus, tightens up any holes. Lurvely.

So there you have it! Two itty bitty socks for January. Can I do two more for February? I sure hope so!

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2 Responses to 2008 Advent Calendar — a very long WIP

  1. KimT says:

    great idea! looking forward to watching your progress on this project!

  2. Heather says:

    We’re not snorting, we’re cheering you on–what a great project!

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