Perfect One Skein Cashmere Scarf

I finally found the perfect one skein project for my single skein of Jade Sapphire 6-ply Cashmere! Behold: The Bainbridge Scarf (in all of its horrible photo goodness).

I have to admit this yarn has been plaguing me. It’s 150 yards (I think the color is Hydrangea) and I’ve had a bugger of a time finding a project I liked that didn’t require more yarn! First I tried the Moebius Scarf from the DIY network but didn’t have enough yarn plus it looked like crap; too loose. Then I tried a neckwarmer from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and, well, it worked, but it really wasn’t tall enough. Finally I saw this and thought it was cute, practical, and might just work.

And it did! I was getting antsy about running out towards the end, but I didn’t. Phew! I finally have a scarf so the one I’m working on can languish even longer. Hurrah!

It looks like a strange beast, but it’s actually a really clever design. It’s a big tube, folded in half, with ties on either end. You put it on like a neckwarmer, then fold it down to fit your neck and tie. There are excellent pictures on the actual PDF for the pattern.

I have to say this yarn rips like a champ. No sign of pilling or stress. It is lovely and soft, however I’m slightly worried I’m actually allergic to it. It’s rather itchy. Isn’t cashmere supposed to be, like, the epimitomy of wooly softness? Blah.

It’s very warm though, so I’ve been wearing it when required. It takes up such little space in my bag, it does the job, it’s pretty (it even matches my CPH!), and it reminds me of good friends and better times to be had. I don’t think I’ll be parting with it any time soon. And anyway! If the weather is cold enough I’d wear a sheep on my head to keep warm — you really don’t feel that itchiness when that wind chill kicks up 🙂

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3 Responses to Perfect One Skein Cashmere Scarf

  1. Sarah says:

    I love that scarf! The pattern looks so simple flat but more complex when you have it on.

  2. Mintyfresh says:

    An excellent Bainbridge! That cashmere must be soo yummy against your neck.

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